2013 Seal of Excellence Awardee Outstanding Mobile Bar

GQ Mobile Bar has been awarded as the “Outstanding Mobile Bar” for the Year 2013 in the recently concluded 33rd People’s Choice Awards held at the AFP Theatre last February 17, 2013.

The SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD (SEA),  sub-titled the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD (PCA) and the CONSUMERS CHOICE AWARD (CCA), is the prestigious Year-Ender Consumers Tribute to outstanding consumer products and achievers.  The primary objective of the TRIBUTE-EVENT is to motivate consumer products and companies to excel in their respective  product and/or corporate categories thereby contributing to world-class excellence.

The AWARD is conferred on “Outstanding Consumer Products, Manufacturers and
adjudged on the following criteria: (1) Product Features or Quality – 35%; (2) Contribution to Consumers Well-Being & Public Service – 20%; (3) Public Opinion and Survey – 25%; and (4) Pricing – 20%


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