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Our History

GQ Mobile Bar started in the Philippines on Michelle’s Birthday in February 2011. We invited Boogie’s cousin who was a professional bartender and a bar-tending professor as well. He thought of serving them cocktail drinks. On her birthday, the guests were all delighted on the cocktail drinks. Michelle’s brother then suggested to put up a mobile bar in the Philippines, the concept of which, is to set-up a bar in private parties. During that time it is not really the “in” thing yet in the country.

aquarium-bar-about-gq-mobile-bar-philippines-gq-mobile-bar-historyThrough the help of the internet, the couple began searching on how the business will work out.


it should be remembered easily, catchy and simple. For Filipinos, it is very common to combine the surnames to get a trade name. The couple then used their initials to have their own business name: G for Geronimo and Q for Quiocho.


Boogie tried to conceptualize their first bar using their old aquarium stand. Because of his ingenuity, the outcome appears to be a chic one.



GQ Mobile Bar was initially launched to the public on March 27, 2011, the wedding anniversary of their parents. Guests really enjoyed the drinks and even amazed with their flaming shots. There were also flair-tenders who entertained guests while mixing their drinks.


2 days after their launching, 2 events were booked for the month of March 2011, birthday and graduation parties.


…we’ll bring the bar to you. Based on the concept of the mobile bar, GQ Mobile Bar indeed brings the bar in every party.

Since the couple has a regular job, their only desire then is to have at least 4 bookings in a month. But through relatives, friends, clients’ referrals and the help of social media, not to mention their hard work, GQ Mobile Bar was able to end their first year in 2011 with 122 events and served 9,775 guests all around Metro Manila. Then the rest is history.

GQ Mobile Bar provides quality service with friendly, courteous staff and well-trained professional bartenders. For them, the relationship with their clients matters more than any business. “Attitude counts – we don’t just serve drinks to clients and guests but we interact and enjoy WITH them.”


Our Mission and Vision

GQ Mobile Bar
Our Mission and Vision