Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding of Schwend and Lea - October 12, 2012

Can we bring our own alcohol and beer?

Yes. You may provide your own alcohol and we’ll be very glad to serve them for you. For the beer, please advise the number of cases as this requires an additional fee for the ice (unless you’ll be bringing your own also).

What do I have to do to book you?

Booking us is very easy. You may contact us through email or phone call and ask for our rates/quotation. Once we have all your event details, we’ll send you a proposal that you’ll review. If everything is in order, we just need a 20% down payment which you can settle through bank deposit. A contract will then be emailed to you, have it sign and email back to us.

What methods of payment do you take?

We accept cash and checks. Full payment can be made by check (but must be deposited at least 7 working days for clearance should be allowed).

Will you make a customized specialty drinks?

Yes, we love to help you customize specialty drinks and you can even come up with your own cocktail name for it.

Do we get to keep the leftover alcohol?

No. Since we are offering unlimited drinks, we bring extra alcohol so we can serve you until the last second of the event or in case you will request for an extension.

Will we run out of alcohol?

No. We calculate how much alcohol we need to supply for your event. In the event we do run out of something, we will do everything we can to replace that item. Don’t worry about “drinking too much”, it’s unlimited anyway! 🙂

Will you limit our guest’s consumption in case they are intoxicated?

Our staff takes every precaution to ensure that your guests are never over-served.

Can you provide additional bartender?

Yes, we can provide an additional staff for an extra fee.

When will you arrive to set-up?

Depending on the size of the event, we will arrive 45 minutes up 2 hours prior to the event start time. Actual set-up time is 45 minutes to an hour.

What will your staff wear?

Our standard uniform is all black and/or white polo and black pants with tie.

How do I calculate the number of guests that I will book?

At least 75% to 50% of the estimated number of guests should be booked. If you tend to book the minimum amount of guests but you’ll have 3x larger than it is, chances are, you’ll be paying a lot more than the regular package because of the excess pax.

What is the difference between unlimited and consumable?

Consumable – If you are unsure of the amount of guests or the number of drinkers you’ll have and don’t want to worry of paying for additional expense, consumable package is the best option you can avail. All of your guests may take their drinks as long as they can, but when the supplies ran out, the bar will be closed then.

Unlimited – Based on the number of guests that you booked, all of them will fully enjoy the drinks for FOUR (4) HOURS. To determine the actual number of guests, wristbands can be requested.

Can I refund my payment if I cancel my reservation?

No. In the event of cancellation, which constitutes as a breach of contract, the booking fee/down payment paid shall be non-refundable and the same shall be considered as liquidated damages to GQ Mobile Bar. The Client shall also be responsible for payment to GQ Mobile Bar for any additional charges which may incur up to the time of cancellation.

Why will I book you?

GQ Mobile Bar provides quality service with friendly, courteous staff and well-trained professional bartenders. For them, the relationship with their clients matters more than any business. “Attitude counts – we don’t just serve drinks to clients and guests but we interact and enjoy WITH them.”